American Digger

American Digger is a bimonthly magazine about the hobby of recovering historical artifacts based in the United States.

American Digger Magazine

Editor: Butch Holcombe

Categories: Hobby magazine

Frequency : Bi-monthly

Publisher: Greybird Publishing

Year founded: 2004

First issue:January 2005

Country: Acworth, Georgia

Language: English


American Digger was founded in 2004. The founder is Butch Holcombe and the first issue appeared in January 2005.. It includes articles covering finds made by metal detecting, surface hunting, diving, and sifting. It also contains photo stories on old coins, Civil War and Revolutionary War relics, stone artifacts, fossils, and bottles.

It was founded in response to reader requests for more material related to amateur archeology. Holcombe has said he wants to help bridge the gap between professional archeologists and amateur historians and has said he promotes only the responsible excavation and documentation of artifacts.

Founder Butch Holcombe is a humorist and amateur historian from Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in 1955, and since 1968 has spent numnerous hours searching for historic artifacts with a metal detector. He has since founded Greybird Publishers, who now publishes the magazine, as well as other books related to artifacts. In 2011, the name American Digger was licensed as a registered trademark.