Apple Assembly Line

Apple Assembly Line was a monthly newsletter published from October 1980 through May 1988. This newsletter focused on assembly language for the Apple II, IIe, IIc, and IIgs computers. In the beginning all the programs were written for the 6502 microprocessor, but as the Apple II family developed, this expanded to the 65C02, 65802, and 65816.

A reviewer wrote:

“This was something more than a newsletter, but not quite a magazine. It was edited and printed by Bob Sander-Cederlof, author of the S-C Macro Assembler, and was written initially for support of that product. It included information about how to write assembly language routines for various projects, and one of Sander-Cederlof’s favorite pastimes was finding ways to squeeze the most code into the fewest bytes possible. Often he would take sections of code from Apple’s system software, disassemble it, and point out how it could have been coded more tightly or efficiently. He also included various products that he or others had written that were useful for other programmers, including a package of extensions for Applesoft that allowed 18-digit-precision math functions.”