Controlled Environments Magazine

Controlled Environments Magazine is a business-to-business magazine that provides information on contamination control, detection, and prevention. The magazine is available in both print and online formats and provides information on trends, technology, and applications for professionals working in cleanrooms and similar environments. It is published 11 times a year and covers topics such as pure materials, protective packaging, facility construction, and day-to-day cleaning and control challenges affecting quality and yield. Monthly columns cover precision and critical cleaning, cleanroom apparel, cleanroom chemicals, regulatory issues, and contamination control.

Controlled Environments Magazine also publishes a printed Buyer's Guide annually. The Buyer's Guide is a resource of contamination control vendors, products and services available.


Controlled Environments Magazine is aimed at contamination control professionals who are responsible for detecting, preventing, and controlling contamination in the clean manufacturing production process, such as engineers, technicians, and engineering support personnel at life sciences and advanced microelectronics companies, including Genzyme, Johnson & Johnson, and Bayer Corporation.